Like vs Need! Business vs Treatment!

Let's Discuss Like vs Need! Business vs Treatment!

Doing what people like is business.

Doing what people need is treatment.

People don't need, what they like.

People don't like, what they need.

Why? Because often they do not know what they need. Most people blindly imitate instead of thinking for themselves, without observing the consequences.

Instead of looking at the difference between short-term and long-term consequences, common people feel comfortable following some other blind wisdom.

Business vs Treatment

Often the bourgeoisie, to fulfil their maladaptive aspirations, keeps them deceived.

We know that the whole propaganda machinery is under the control of the capitalists, most of whom can stoop to any extent for their petty selfishness or out of ignorance.

So let's get back to the original topic...

After all, what do people need and what do they like?

The struggle is needed and escape is liked.

For example, you must have heard the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly, in which a student, upon seeing the inexplicable struggle of the caterpillar, took pity and helped the caterpillar by tearing the membrane, and the caterpillar died on its way out. The professor who had gone out after instructing the students to look only and not to touch the caterpillar, on his return, explained to the ashamed student that, you did not take pity on him but, killed him. You took away its struggle which was necessary for the development of its lungs, wings and other organs. The same struggle was going to give it the "strength" to live in the outside world.

“Struggle gives strength”, even if it is the power to fight diseases.
Like vs Need

Similarly, when someone has a fever or other acute diseases, which are often temporary, we see signs of struggle. Generally, these symptoms go away on their own in a few hours or days, without medication, with certain precautions, and immunity is developed, which protects against many chronic diseases to come.

But what happens?

People do palliative management, which may be liked temporarily, but later very dislikable results come.

After suppressing the diseases, when it is not possible to suppress them further, one has to return to the “curative treatment”.

By then it is too late and it is natural to take time to clear the suppressed diseases one by one.

But what happens is that the patient's patience has run out and his body, mind and wealth have become weak.

Business vs Treatment

Above that, the struggle from which he has become habituated to running away, he has to go through it continuously.

This situation is very challenging for the homoeopath. It is difficult to understand the truth, it is even more difficult to explain the truth.

The condition of the patient is also such that, he keeps "unreasonable expectations", which is the only cause of all the miseries of the world.

The conclusion is that the therapy that people like is palliative management and what people need is curative treatment.

It is better if the need is recognized in time, then it will turn into a choice. Remember, "The right path is the one on which one has to return".

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