Can Allopathy and Homeopathy Treatment Go Together?

Some people say that homoeopathic medicines can be given along with any other kind of medicine! Means Allopathy and Homeopathy treatment go together. I don't agree with that at all.

Allopathy and Homeopathy

Difference between Allopathy and Homoeopathy

First, we should understand that there are 2 methods of therapy, Curative Treatment and Palliative Management. That is, the method to get the disease out of the root and the method to suppress the disease.

The ideal treatment is that which eradicates the disease and provides a permanent cure, not suppresses the disease. Because if any disease is suppressed, it will go to the more important organ and will cause more serious disease. Temporarily the patient will feel comfortable, but later he will have to suffer many times more.

Now see that homoeopathic treatment means ideal treatment, that is, curative treatment. This method is based on Nature's Law of Cure, the natural law of healing. With this treatment, the disease moves from top to bottom, from inside to outside and from new to old. That is, naturally, the disease comes out along with the root.

Whereas in Palliative Treatment exactly the opposite happens. In allopathy, only the suppressing therapy is done and the disease moves in the wrong direction. That is, "shifting of the disease, happens in the wrong direction".

Now you tell me, how can the use of 2 methods opposite to each other, in 1 body, at the same time, be justified? Whereas the action of both is in opposite direction to each other.

The Usefulness of Both Allopathy and Homoeopathy

In some rare circumstances, Master Hahnemann has permitted Palliative Management, which never implies the crude medicines of the so-called Modern Medicine. In fact, an antidote with homoeopathic micro-medicines is also Palliative Management, but it has fewer side effects than crude medicines and their effect lasts for a longer time.

It has been observed practically that, in patients whose present condition progressed to recovery from homoeopathic treatment and some chronic suppressed disease started to come out (maybe, that is what caused the present disease), the patient understanding it another disease, again took allopathic medicine from another doctor.

After a few days, he returned again to the homoeopathic doctor, as his disease had returned. This time, even homoeopathic treatment does not work as quickly, because now the disease has become more complicated. This time, the time and effort will be more and the chances of getting health benefits will also be reduced.

That's why my advice is to Understand this before going for Homoeopathic Treatment.

If you have decided to make your body completely disease-free, that is, to remove all the diseases that are buried in the body, not only this, you have decided to make yourself disease-free at the level of the subtle-body, then only consult a good homoeopathic physician and do not take any other medicine once you start homoeopathic treatment. Even external medicine or home remedies. Otherwise, the process of removing the disease will be disturbed, the vitality will become more imbalanced and the disease will become more complicated.

Complete Disease Removal with Homoeopathy

Yes, in some special circumstances, you may be advised to gradually wean off allopathic medicines instead of stopping them all at once, but ultimately you have to be self-reliant, not dependent.

If you stick to homoeopathy with patience and faith, then one by one the diseases buried inside you, layer by layer will come out and there will also be protection from the dreadful diseases to come.

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