What is Homeopathy for? Why Homeopathy is needed?

Homeopathy is for "Model Cure". What is Homeopathy for? Why Homeopathy is needed? It is needed to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it it is termed. हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Treatment that restores the patient to a natural state of health. That is the state in which the patient does not need any medicine at all. He does not even remember the disease. It can be called a "state of freedom". That is the complete cure for the patient, not only of the disease(s).

What is Homeopathy

How do you know if the treatment you are taking is the ideal treatment? What should happen during treatment? To understand this we have to understand this.

What is the model cure?

Doctor Herring has given three laws of "Model Cure":

First Rule:

"The disease must move from top to bottom"

Second Rule:

“The disease must move from the inside out”.

Third Rule:

“Diseases must move in the reverse order of the order in which they appeared”.

Now, let's elaborate on these rules one by one...

First rule: "The disease must move from top to bottom"...

Let us understand this by taking an example.

Suppose a person has been shot in the arm or leg. In this situation also, there may be some possibility of death, but it is negligible.

Let us now assume that a person has been shot in the stomach. In this situation, the chances of dying will increase further.

Let us now assume that a person has been shot in the chest. In this situation, the chances of dying will be more.

Now if it is assumed that a person got shot in his head. In this situation, the chances of dying would be the highest.

That is to say, the most valuable part of the human body is at the top, followed by the least valuable part at the bottom.

Now if palliative treatment is done, then the disease will go from bottom to top, that is, it will move from less vital organs to more vital organs.

For example, someone had a rheumatic knee and took allopathic medicine. Due to this, the pain of his knees was palliated for some time, but after some time he developed a rheumatic heart.

In this new issue, when he did not get any benefit from the previous medical system, he came to homoeopathy which is a “curative treatment” i.e. the method to get out of the disease.

When he was given the right homoeopathic medicine, his chest pain which was due to rheumatic heart got cured, but after a few days, he started having knee pain again.

This was a very good sign as his disease was moving towards the "ideal cure". If the disease is moving from top to bottom, then one should wait, it is about to go out.

But out of ignorance, he went to the old doctor, because he was thinking of it as another disease in which he had benefited from the old doctor.

Once again because of the "palliative treatment," his disease went back up into the chest.

Now again he comes back to homoeopathic medicine and when he explains everything to the doctor, he feels that a very good opportunity has been missed. Once again he will have to go through this process and this time it may take longer than before.

So thus we see that the ideal situation is that "the disease should move from top to bottom", which is possible only with homoeopathy.

Second rule: "The disease must move from the inside out"...

Suppose someone got some "skin disease", for which he got palliative treatment i.e. allopathic treatment.

His disease was suppressed and he understood that the disease was cured.

After a few days, months or years, he started having respiratory complaints.

This time he did not get permanent benefit from the old system of medicine and he came to homoeopathy.

Here his internal problem was cured, but the disease again surfaced. That is, his old skin disease came back.

This is called the movement of the disease from inside to outside.

This is a very good condition and after a short wait, it will also no longer be there.

But people assume that this is another disease, which happened earlier.

Some people get nervous that the medicine has reacted.

In this situation, if external medicine or disease-suppressing therapy is done, then the disease will go back inside and become more complicated than before.

Similarly, minor diseases like fever, cold, and upset stomach, turn the disease from the inside out, if suppressed, then these diseases affect the more vital organs inside and cause more complex diseases.

Later, when these complex diseases are treated with homoeopathic medicine, the suppressed diseases due to which these complex diseases were caused, it is natural to come out, which needs to be understood.

Third rule: “Diseases should move in reverse order of the order in which they appeared”

Just as you keep clothes folded in a suitcase, when you take them out one by one, the clothes you put last will be removed first. What was put before that will come after that and what was put first will come out later.

Similarly, due to allopathic treatment that suppresses diseases from birth or even before that, diseases are suppressed fold by the fold in the body.

Now when the curative treatment is done to cure the sick, then the diseases start coming out step by step.

Do not panic, all the diseases do not come out at once, but after a few days or many days after the complete exit of one disease, another disease comes out, which was suppressed before that.

That is to say, after the latter disease is gone, the earlier disease comes out and after that the one before that. In the end, the disease comes out, which was suppressed at the earliest.

In the absence of information, the patient may feel that such a disease was cured long ago, it happened again after taking homoeopathic medicine!

That disease had not been cured but was buried inside, which was becoming the cause of more complex diseases later.


To restore the natural state of health, it is necessary to get out of the suppressed diseases and homoeopathy is the system of medicine to do this work according to the laws of nature.

Now you have understood what is homoeopathy for and what can happen during this treatment.

In short, homoeopathy treats all the suppressed diseases, new and old, by taking them out of the more valuable organs through the more valuable organs.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the information given here is to provide education only, not to provide treatment. We do not aim to criticize any medical system, because anything in this world is right or wrong depending on the use according to "place, period and person".

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