Médico Homeopata

Médico Homeopata

Médico Homeopata

Homoeopathy seeks to balance the individual as a whole

Médico Homeopata: The Similia clinic specializes in treating health problems through Homeopathy. The word Similia originates from the phrase: Similia similibus curentur, which means “like is cured by like”, that is, it is based on the law of similar, which is the basic principle of homeopathy.

The clinical team is made up of Dr. Ariovaldo Ribeiro Filho, medical clinic, and Dr. Ana Lúcia Dias Paulo, paediatrics. They are highly qualified doctors who practice their specialities at the Similia clinic in accordance with homeopathy guidelines.

Both have taught in national and international institutions since 1986 and have published several books and scientific articles. The professional experience acquired during years of study and service has transformed them into a reference in homeopathic treatment. What made them renowned professionals in this field of medical-therapeutic knowledge, both in Brazil and abroad.

The clinical work carried out by the specialists at the Similia clinic aims to offer care aimed at the patient's physical and emotional well-being. This treatment checks the individual's entire family history, allowing all information and clarifications about the progress of their treatment to reach their family members.

Furthermore, the clinic's facilities were designed with the aim of offering comfort, well-being and tranquility to people throughout the treatment.

Still following the proposal of treating the individual as a whole and ensuring more convenience for our patients, Clínica Similia has other medical specialties in its service catalog. Here you will find physiotherapy, naturology psychology and acupuncture, which will make your daily life easier and maintain the excellence of the treatment.

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