Lucia Klacko

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Lucia Klacko

I have been working as a professional homeopath since 2015, when I obtained my diploma from the Academy of Classical Homeopathy. I provide homeopathic treatment for the whole family, from children to seniors, as well as for pets. I specialize in treating children with autistic spectrum disorders. I have been trained by renowned homeopaths from around the world, such as Jan Scholten, Jonathan Hardy, Louis Klein, Michal Yakir from Israel, Mahesh Ghandi, Yogesh Segal, and many more. In my practice, I often combine their homeopathic systems. Additionally, I use CEASE detox therapy as an adjunct to classical homeopathy.

Apart from my professional practice, I also offer courses for homeopaths in training. Homeopathy is my passion, and I believe that, with my skills in empathy and dedication to finding solutions, I have become proficient in it. I'm currently based in Europe. I am fluent in English, Slovak, and Czech.

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